A unique approach, tailored to your child.

At Wood Wharf Kindergarten, we believe in a holistic approach to early years education, in which we focus on nurturing our minds, our bodies and our world.

In our thoughtfully-designed nursery, we have created a calm, neutral and contemporary space to support creative play and child-focused learning.

And through our innovative curriculum, inspiring and nurturing environment and focus on sustainability, we aim to successfully prepare all children for the modern world.

Our Minds

From languages to art, we develop individual talents and interests through our innovative project-based curriculum.

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At Wood Wharf Kindergarten, our innovative project-based curriculum aims to inspire and support each child to reach their full potential.

With a focus on wellbeing, we seek to develop children's unique talents and interests while nurturing and developing the skills they need to succeed in today's world.

Designed by Early Years experts, this holistic yet personal approach combines both child-led play and thoughtfully-planned activities to help your child flourish.

Our Curriculum

Building on the foundations of the government’s EYFS curriculum, our innovative project-based curriculum includes a range of custom-designed elements - from languages such as Spanish and Mandarin to art projects for pre-schoolers.

Our team of Early Years experts will work in partnership with you to help prepare your child for a successful future in the modern world, right from the start.

Supporting Your Child’s Wellbeing

Supporting your child’s well-being is of the utmost importance. We aim to nurture children’s physical health, alongside mental and emotional wellbeing, through activities such as Mini Yoga, sensory play and mindfulness.

We also encourage our children to take an active role in cooking and baking. All this helps your child to navigate the pressures of growing up in today’s world and feel happy, comfortable and safe in the nursery environment.

A Warm, Nurturing Environment

Imagination is critical in child development, and our unique, inspiring and nurturing learning environment helps children to safely explore the world around them, growing in confidence and independence every day.

Our Bodies

We nurture healthy bodies with nutritious homemade meals and a balanced menu.

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Our holistic approach to Early Years education ensures our children understand how to keep healthy and balanced minds and bodies.

Through a whole host of learning opportunities, from growing their own fruit and vegetables to our outdoor learning activities, we plan and deliver a curriculum which promotes ‘healthy living’.

This makes sure our children know how they can contribute towards keeping themselves healthy and happy for life.

Find out more about Food and Nutrition at Wood Wharf Kindergarten here.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning and play are essential to child development, which is why at Wood Wharf Kindergarten, all children spend time outside every day.

Our safe and secure outdoor area is designed to spark children’s creativity and encourage physical development, with activities such as climbing, balancing, riding, playing ball games and completing obstacle courses.

The outdoor area also includes a vegetable patch where children can learn about growing their own food and caring for the environment.

We also learn outside the nursery with Forest School-inspired learning experiences providing regular access to the outdoors and greenery - we even organise trips to the local farm!

Our World

We care for our world by using eco-friendly learning resources and sustainably sourced food – we even have our own veg patch.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Wood Wharf Kindergarten.

Through our focus on looking after our planet, we aim to set the foundations in our children for an environmentally responsible adulthood.

We use eco-friendly learning resources, cook sustainably sourced food and help our children develop an awareness of how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Caring for the environment is a core part of our learning. Our outdoor area includes planting stations and a vegetable patch, where children learn to grow their own food.

And through our outdoor learning sessions, our children are encouraged to take a keen interest in the natural world - including learning all about plants and other living creatures - such as building bug hotels and collecting natural materials.